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How to Be Successful in a Yoga Challenge

Committing to any kind of challenge can feel daunting and it's easy to just let the thought of starting get you to give up before you even start. Our next challenge: Renew Your Practice in 2022 starts January 10 and WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! This is a 30-day challenge (from January 10 to February 8) for you to complete as many yoga classes as your want (and there are different levels - you decide how much you want to do) - and in the end your body, mind and soul will feel better, less pain and stronger. (Read our previous blog on 5 Benefits of a Yoga Challenge). Read on for some tips to being successful in a yoga challenge (or any fitness/wellness challenge).

1. Set Your Goal - What's that saying? Not having goals is like a recipe for average living?? Decide if you're going to complete 10, 15, 20, or 25 classes for your challenge. Setting goals gives you purpose and ensures that you complete your challenge.

2. Make a Plan - If you plan your classes into your schedule - literally put it into your calendar, then they are appointments. AND you never cancel on yourself! Taking some time to put classes into your schedule means you'll plan to get your work/meals/chores done so that the class fits into your day.

3. Celebrate Each Class and Track Your Success - we have a sticker chart in the studio that you'll be able to track each class with. It can be super satisfying to see your progress on a physical chart (remember grade school days when you got stickers for success?)! Honor your commitment by celebrating small milestones (like hitting your first 5 classes or making it halfway through your goal).

4. Don't Let One Mess Up Be the Reason You Give Up - no one is perfect, unexpected things come up, and some days you're just not feeling it. We're human, but the reason this is called a challenge is that it takes effort to complete. One mess up (or two or three) will happen - let it go and begin again rather than talking yourself out of making the effort to complete the challenge.

5. Focus on the Good You're Doing For Yourself - It's easy to focus on the hard stuff - the negative thoughts or even the excuses for not completing the challenge. Make a determination to focus on the benefits of a regular yoga practice, to focus on how much better you feel, to focus on how much stronger you are.

Sounds simple huh? It really is - just make a commitment and join us. Our Renew Your Practice in 2022 Challenge is starting in a few days and we hope you join us! Read all about the challenge here and sign up!

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