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Babysitting Available


Kids Can Come Too!

Enjoy a yoga class knowing your child is in the next room.

We think it should be easy to fit yoga into your life. Babysitting is available for select classes so that you can enjoy a class and not worry about where to bring your kids. This is currently available for the summer of 2024.

How it Works

Check our schedule for the classes that offer babysitting. This summer babysitting is available for classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday between  9:00am and the 1:00pm for the summer of 2024. We have toys, games, puzzles, books and coloring books. Kids are welcome to bring a parent approved tablet or electronic device. Toys are cleaned each day.


Pricing is $4 per class per child. Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins to get your child acquainted with our babysitter. You may purchase the babysitting online or purchase when you arrive at the studio.

All ages welcome. You will be asked to sign a waiver the first time your child uses our babysitting services. You will walk your child into the babysitting and drop them off. We suggest that you take your child to the restroom before leaving them in babysitting. If it's the first time your child is here, please arrive early so they can meet our babysitter and feel safe. After class, please pick your child up as soon as possible. See below for other important information.

If you have questions, please call us at 281-491-0221 or email

Babysitting Procedures

Please follow these procedures when bringing your children to babysitting.

  1. A signed waiver is required.

  2. Do not bring children who are showing signs of illness such as fever, cough, runny nose, GI problems, sore throat, etc. Children should be symptom free for 24 hours before using our babysitting services.

  3. If it's the first time you've used our babysitting services or if your child tends to need time to adjust, please arrive 15 minutes before class to introduce your child to the babysitter and to help them get settled.

  4. Kids will be asked to sanitize their hands (hand sanitizer or wash hands) before entering babysitting.

  5. Have your child use the restroom or be in a dry diaper before dropping them off in the room. Please provide an extra diaper if your child wears diapers or a pull up. 

  6. Label items such as toys, pacifiers, blankets, and bags brought to babysitting.

  7. We will offer fruit snacks if approved by parents. Kids are welcome to bring a water bottle. We have a drinking fountain available if needed.

  8. We will always do our best to keep the kids entertained, happy, and safe. If there is any reason we feel it is necessary to get you out of class we will promptly come and get you.

  9. We reserve the right to refuse babysitting services for any reason.


Meet Our Babysitter - Mia

Meet Mia! She is your babysitter this summer - if you used our babysitting services last year, you met Mia. We are excited to have her back this summer - so many kids and moms have told us they can't wait for Mia to come back!

Mia loves working with kids and being their friend. And get this - she's the oldest of SIX (yes six!) so you know she's had plenty of child caring experience.

For fun, Mia likes to draw, read, and write - she has an angelic singing voice and will be singing in her school's choir! She also loves snacking on chips and pretzels.

Her favorite yoga pose is pigeon (isn't it for all of us?). 

Mia also just completed her first year in college - she's studying pre-med biology.

Bring your kids to meet Mia this summer!

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