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5 Benefits of A Yoga Challenge

Every January, we introduce a challenge for our yoga community. A yoga challenge can bring energy into your practice or movitivate a new yogi to begin. Want to take it to the next level? Need a little extra motivation? Our Renew Your Practice in 2022 is the perfect yoga challenge to do! It's easy to participate and you're in total control of the level of your participation. See the details at the end of this article. Let's talk about 5 benefits of participating in a yoga challenge.

#1 Self Discipline

A yoga challenge gives you a tangible goal (and a sticker chart is ALWAYS a motivator) and accountability. This challenge gives you levels to reach that makes sense for your body and life. A yoga challenge gives you a reason to overcome excuses, obstacles and release patterns that do not serve you and your life well.

#2 Connection and Community

When one suffers, we all suffer! All drama aside, participating with others in one of our challenges build strong bonds. You'll be automatically included in a group of like-minded individuals who will motivate you to stay committed. You'll make new friends and enjoy your practice even more.

#3 You WILL Get Stronger and More Flexible... PERIOD

When you do yoga consistently (we always recommend aiming for 3 classes a week) you WILL see a difference in your body. You will get stronger - your upper body, lower body and core will feel more supportive and your joints will move more easily. PLUS - BONUS - your balance will improve (we stand on one leg at a time A LOT).

#4 Positive Vibes

Yoga is an activity that brings positivity into your life. With yoga's focus on breath, conscious movement, and self care, yoga is often credited with improving mental health, reducing anxiety, and relieving stress. Your brain will re-learn to focus as you learn to master poses and the nuances of alignment in your body. This focus will follow you off the mat into your daily life.

#5 You'll Be Happier

When your body feels better, your whole life is better. When your body feels less pain and is easier to move - that spills out to all aspects of your life off the mat. Yoga also releases endorphins (think seratonin and dopamine - brain chemicals that regular mood) to elevate your mood. You'll feel accomplished with your discipline, have a group of new friends, be stronger, be more flexible, and feel more positive. Win, win, win, win, win!

We hope we've convinced you to do our Renew Your Practice in 2022 yoga challenge. We begin January 10 for 30 days and you can choose the level of challenge you want to go for. Finish anywhere between 10 and 25 classes in the thirty days and you'll win prizes (we love prizes). Join for a challenge fee of just $22 and pay for your yoga. Read more details here.

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