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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Why I Do the 40-Day Revolution Every Year...

Hi friends - Grace here... I was watching TV and a commercial with Jennifer Aniston working out, meditating and looking beautiful with blowing hair in the wind and she says, “Our strength, our power, our purpose starts within. So let’s start there…” I immediately thought about the 40-Day Revolution I do each year. Of course, she was talking about a collagen supplement but these words do really ring true when it comes to the revolution.

You have probably been seeing the usual “new year resolution” stuff that comes out every new year – diets, exercise programs, green smoothies, cleanses, etc. It’s easy to buy into the notion that something outside of yourself can “fix” something about you. And on the surface, they can – you’ll feel calmer, fitter, maybe have more energy and feel healthy. But deep down, if you don’t deal with what’s “within” as Jennifer Aniston so sagely suggested, your mind and your spirit, you are still unhealthy.

The 40-Day Revolution is a whole life revolution – you’ll work on your body through yoga and conscious eating, AND you’ll work on your mind and spirit through meditation and questions/journaling targeted at personal growth. While you set goals for your revolution, the goals are a sort of by-product of the REAL WORK that happens within. Each week we focus on a different theme to try and root out and challenge your limiting beliefs and patterns.

On a personal note, I would love to say that being a yoga teacher and a owning a yoga studio makes me a calm and sane person. But really it’s just like any other job or business owner where I have the same stresses, bad days, WINE DAYS and good days as everyone else. This past year was particularly hard on my self-confidence, sense of security, and challenged every relationship in my life.

Every year, when I take on another 40-day revolution, my practice does get stronger but what I really get out of this is the shift within – each year, I gain more clarity in my own heart and mind, what I’m capable of, how to live more aligned with my values, how to let more things go. I can see my bad habits releasing their grip on me.

This new year is a time for RESET for me. 2020 was like a fog, a really busy fog – just to get through it, keep the business, and keep it together. 2021 is a new year to create a new reality, surrender the ego and find my way home to a little more mental clarity and lightness of spirit. I might even give up wine for 40 days. Maybe I'll check out that collagen supplement too (lol). Want to join me? Click here to learn more about our 40 Day Revolution. We begin January 17.

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