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Yoga Teaching Side Hustle

Meet Maeva! She is a dance instructor and completed her yoga teacher training with Awakened Yoga in the fall of 2020. Many yogis who complete yoga teacher training seek traditional studio or gym yoga teacher jobs. Maeva took it a step further and created her own business!

Maeva began her dance training at the age of 3. She studied dance for most of her childhood at a conservatory in Paris and then a studio in Vermont eventually pursuing a degree in fine arts at the University of Utah. Having danced for over 30 years, she has been teaching dance for most of her adult life and is currently teaching at a local Angleton studio - Energy Dance.

Maeva decided to pursue yoga teacher training to push herself physically - she knew yoga was a great way to keep herself active, flexible, and strong with less impact and stress on the body. She also wanted to grow her teaching skills to become a well-rounded instructor and add additional modalities she could teach.

We asked Maeva to tell us one thing she loved the most about her yoga teacher training experience. Being relatively new to yoga she said that “It is hard for me to pinpoint one thing that was the most helpful since I was so new to yoga. I felt I needed, benefited, and loved all that was taught during the course.” Her favorite part of the training was learning to plan and sequence a class and most of all she loved the positive, fun and nurturing experience of the training.

After completing the training program, Maeva knew that she wanted to start teaching. She began teaching yoga at her dance studio and created her business Yoga by Maeva. She teaches vinyasa yoga two mornings a week. “Being a teacher is so rewarding. I love to see the growth in my students as they achieve a goal, or simply see their demeanor change once class has ended, leaving them more whole, and at peace.”

We asked her to give a little advice to anyone who wants to teach yoga:

“First of definitely go through a good teacher training program. I was very impressed with the teacher training yoga at Awakened. I learned so much. Than practice, practice, practice. Did I say practice!? Keep up your own practice. The best teachers are those who are continuously learning and growing in their craft.”

Learn more about her business at

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