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Unexpected Benefit From Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Sweaty palms, nervous stutter, tightness in your chest, if you have a fear of public speaking, then these symptoms are all too real for you. One year ago I used to experience them with just the thought of speaking in front of a crowd. However, now I can lead client meetings and presentations without breaking a sweat. What was my trick? Yoga Teacher Training... seriously.

I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training at Awakened to further my yoga practice. I learned so much during my 200-hour training about yoga and myself but also gained an unexpected benefit that never crossed my mind; overcoming my fear of public speaking.

When I first began leading yoga classes, I would get nervous just introducing myself to the class. I carried a script with me to make sure I didn't mess up a cue or forget a pose. After teaching classes week after week I became more and more comfortable with talking in front of people. I eventually was able to lead a class without my script and no longer felt the nervousness before walking in to teach.

It was around 3 months ago that I had to present my business in front of a group of potential clients. The presentation went great, and the clients ended up signing up for services (yay!). I didn't realize until afterward that I didn't have the sweaty palms or the nervous stutter; in fact, I didn't get nervous at all! I had become so comfortable talking in front of a group of people that the fear of public speaking didn't even occur to me.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again to whoever will listen. Yoga Teacher Training is not just about becoming a yoga teacher or deepening your yoga practice; it's life training! You'll learn more about yourself and gain skills you can use in all aspects of life.

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