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Top 8 Things You'll Learn in Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is much more than a certificate you receive so that you can lead your own classes. You will dive deeper into the practice – the history and the poses – and you’ll start to experience and understand on an even greater level your own connection to the practice and what it truly means to you. Yoga teacher training will give you the tools to be a leader in any part of your life, to be able to share how this transformative practice has affected you and to be able to show how yoga can improve the life of anyone who is willing to learn.

You are ready now - yoga teacher training is much more than a certificate.

8. Detailed alignment, breath rhythm, variations, and modifications - as a teacher you will be instructing this practice and in this training you’ll learn proper alignment for a safe and productive practice along with how to modify a pose to help your students with injuries or up-level a pose to give more advanced students a way to grown their own practice.

7. When to breathe in and when to breathe out in vinyasa yoga –sounds easy enough, we know, but a rhythmic steady breath at appropriate places in your practice not only makes the practice flow more easily, but facilitates mindfulness and immersion in each moment of your practice.

6. You are not your past – as you work your way through teacher training, we will explore reasons we hold back on anything in our lives. Why we let thoughts, memories, and past events dictate how we make decisions today.

5. What the sacroiliac joint is and why is it important in yoga - you’ll also learn about a lot of other joints, muscles, and bones too.

4. The most common misalignments in downward dog – PLUS many many other poses and how to get your own body and your students’ bodies into a more aligned shape.

3. To find meaning – You already practice the basics of yoga. This teacher training will help you deepen your practice and the relationship you have with your practice. You’ll enhance your understanding of poses and techniques to help you and your students understand the practice beyond a physical pose.

2. To create a greater and stronger you – 200 hours is a lot of time and you’ll use this time to look inward and tap into what makes yoga joyful and meaningful to you. You’ll deeply connect to your practice, learn to self-express, and improve not just your practice but your whole being.

1. To connect to your community – Yoga teacher training is like no other training. You will be with other students who share your passion for yoga, create friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

If you're interested in teacher training, send an email to and check out our Yoga Teacher Training info on our website. We are all busy and moving through life at a lightening fast pace. It's important to slow down, immerse yourself in each beautiful moment, and awaken joy and appreciation in your life. Your yoga practice will do that for you. See you soon on the mat.

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