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"Prop"-erly Set Up Your Practice

Sore joints are a literal pain when you practice yoga. Poses where you put weight on your joints (especially wrists and knees) are common in a yoga practice - particularly in vinyasa or flow yoga. If you suffer from joint pain particularly to previous injuries, we'd love to introduce you to the yoga support jelly pads we are now carrying.

One person who is LOVING these silicone yoga support pads is our Community Manager, Kendal!

"I’ve torn both meniscus and my left ACL. Compression, lateral movement, and weather are all things I feel in my knees (and my wrists). Certain yoga poses are either very difficult or unattainable, so I invested in the Myga Jelly Pads and since adding them to my practice, I have been able to find relief where I normally would be in pain. I can hold a lunge a little bit better, a side plank a little bit longer, and I continuously find new ways to use them!"

Check out these photos of Kendal using her jelly pads:

Softer support for her knee and wrist in a twisted lunge.

Padding under her wrists to reduce flexing in the wrists in down dog.

Under her back knee to for extra padding in half pigeon.

Under the wrists to relieve pressure in a plank.

There are endless ways to use this wonderful prop. Available for sale at the studio for $15.00. Comes in multiple colors.

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