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Member Spotlight - Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa! You've probably seen her featured a few times on our social media, in an online class or even once in a while at the studio (pre-covid). That's because she is one of our strongest supporters and takes a TON of classes (in one year she took OVER 500 classes)!!

As you can see, Melissa is a strong and flexible yogi. But she's come a long way...

Before beginning yoga, Melissa tells us she lost a significant amount of weight (250lbs believe it or not) and while that was a great beginning to a life of better health, she felt stiff, inflexible, and weak in her core. She came in telling us it was even difficult for her to sit upright on her mat and cross her legs. She wasn’t used to regular exercise and had also had 3 spine surgeries. She found Awakened Yoga by searching online and decided to give it a try.

Although she had begun some outdoor free classes, her experience with yoga was minimal. Starting at Awakened Yoga allowed her to begin a regular practice. With regular practice she saw dramatic improvements in her fitness, flexibility and most of all her strength. She tells us "I can bend and move in ways that amaze me. My core strength is as strong as it has even been in my life." An even more amazing benefit? No more pain – having been heavy most of her life, she had knee pain and back pain. Building strength in her legs and core “my knee and back pain is basically gone.” After experiencing a back injury a few months ago, she was surprised at how quickly she bounced back into her practice and believes her new core strength is the reason why.

Another surprising benefit Melissa gained was the ability to more effectively handle stress. She’s a high school administrator in HISD and with the pandemic, we can only imagine the stress and pressure in that job. As Awakened Yoga began classes online, she was able to continue her practice, continue working, and found that she could remain productive, calm, and most of all happy. (We hear her husband thinks she’s nicer after yoga.)

The other thing she likes about Awakened Yoga? The community, "From the moment I walked into Awakened Yoga Studio in December 2019, I was greeted warmly and welcomed into the community. The staff, teachers, and other members were so friendly and supportive. I loved that there were men and women from teens to people in their 80s. It wasn't intimidating like I thought it could be."

Her favorite classes are flow classes and she loves how our instructors are quick to help modify poses, provide clear instructions and adjustments and makes yoga accessible to everyone. "If I miss a day of yoga, I'm in withdrawal. It's one of the most positive things that anyone could do for themselves!" Thanks Melissa! We love having you here! On to the next 500 classes!

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