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4 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is yoga specifically for the changing needs of a pregnant body - you'll learn to adapt a typical yoga practice as well as do poses that are specifically for easing the aches and tweaky parts of the pregnant body. Keep reading for more benefits of prenatal yoga.

  1. Prenatal yoga helps to build strength to support the baby and mom's changing body. You'll do yoga poses that strengthen the back and legs to meet the needs of a growing belly and baby. Being strong enough to carry the baby will help to ease the aches and pains often associated with the pregnancy. In addition, doing yoga improves the strength of the deep core muscles and pelvic floor that are all important in the birthing process.

  2. Prenatal yoga helps you to connect with your baby. Yoga's focus on mindfulness and body awareness. The connection of mind and body will translate to fostering a connection between mom and baby. While mom becomes more connected to her own body and the changes in her body, she will likely become more connected to her baby and the baby's changes. Prenatal yoga can help a new mom confront anxieties like parenthood or the birthing process and learn to sit with the fears and breathe.

  3. Breathing exercises and focus on the breath are an important component of prenatal yoga. The birthing process can be an intense experience and no matter what type of birthing plan a mom has, learning how to maintain a calm and rhythmic breath before giving birth is a valuable skill.

  4. Taking prenatal yoga provides an opportunity to meet other moms and form a support network. Becoming a new mom can be a daunting process and having relationships with others in the same shoes can be an important part of a mom's mental health and recovery. Sharing ups and downs, fears and successes will help moms get through all the stages of motherhood!

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