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You Can Handstand!

Sometimes handstands can feel like something you will never be able to master. If you feel this way, you're in luck! Lindsey will be teaching a 3-week handstand clinic for all the yogis who want to stand tall - on their hands!

We asked Lindsey to share a few things that she'll be teaching in the clinic.

Tadasana is her favorite exercise to develop a handstand. "Once you get Tadasana and have a strong Sun A in your body, you will feel powerful and secure on your feet. Then the work is to discover Tadasana upside down."

The parts of the body that she will be working to build strength are your upper body (arms, shoulders, upper back), your core and back but most of all setting your INTENTION. "The key to handstand is putting your attention on what you want to have happen. Envision yourself in handstand. See it, feel it, believe it. Through breath, focus, and the firm foundation of your hands, engage in play and balance to gain some hang time in handstand. Begin to relax and explore freedom upside down."

"I love hand stands because they're fun, they show me I'm strong and unrestrained - I play full out in handstands. Handstands make me happy!"

Lindsey's 3-week clinic will be on Sundays 9:45-10:45am from July 14 - July 28. Price is $35 for all three weeks or drop in for $15. Learn more or sign up at

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