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Cyber Monday Sale


We've extended our Bright Friday Sales  Thru Monday, November 27

5 Classes for $75 CLICK TO BUY 

(expires 30 days after activated) 

One per person, purchase multiple as gifts. Excludes aerial yoga.

50 Classes for $850 CLICK TO BUY

(expires 1 year after activated).Excludes aerial yoga.

12-week Prepaid Unlimited Yoga* $400 CLICK TO BUY

(must start your 12-weeks by 01/31/24)Excludes aerial yoga.

24-week Prepaid Unlimited Yoga* $750 CLICK TO BUY

(must start your 24-weeks by 01/31/24)Excludes aerial yoga.

$200 off of EARLY BIRD Price for 200-HR YTT (total of $700 off) 

Contact to purchase!

$200 credit for $100 for any module (including the retreat) of the $300-HR YTT  CLICK TO BUY

Purchase up to three $200 credits. Only one $200 credit may be used per module over $400. All credits must be used in 2024.

*Prepaid contracts require contract signature. No refunds, suspensions or extensions (no exceptions). You must start this contract no later than 01/31/24. If you are currently under contract paying monthly, we will pause your current contract and start this one. Your current contract will resume when the 12-weeks/24-weeks has expired (please note you must fulfill your previous contract terms). If you are currently on a prepaid contract, this one will be added to the end of your current contract (we will contact you to confirm). Other contracts must still be fulfilled. One of each of the prepaid contracts per person.

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